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Nutritional Leverage is a practical, six-day-a-week, dietary weight loss plan that promotes health and longevity.

Here's the straight talk: it took a long time to gain weight and accumulate all the maladies that afflict you and it's going to take a while to reverse those years of overindulgence.

Weight loss with a healthy diet and meal planThere are no silver bullet or weight-loss-in-a-pill solutions, but by employing Nutritional Leverage, I lost 50 lbs in five months, and there's nothing special about me—not in this regard, at least.

It's okay if you want to stay fat, or waste time and money on false starts. But if you're committed to losing weight, shedding fat, breathing easier, strengthening your bones and muscles, and just living healthier and longer, Nutritional Leverage is for you.

The secret is in the name. Leverage is the amplification of power using a lever. Nutrition is the lever. It multiplies the effects of any other dietary wisdom you've encountered along the way.

Nutritional Leverage book at Amazon.com No subscriptions, no prepared meals, no rah-rah meetings. Just one $8.99, 100-page book you can read in a few hours. You don't have to use it all. It's not magic. However, the more you engage Nutritional Leverage, the healthier you'll be and the faster you'll lose weight.

The book and this supporting web site provide a view-from-30,000-feet of what you're facing for genuine and long-lasting weight loss.

If you choose to put up your tray table and buckle your seat belt for just a few months, you can burn fat, renew your energy and vitality, and feel better than you have in a very long time. And it's a plan you can continue for a long life.

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